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My 5 Minute Cozy Bedroom Nook Makeover

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Sponsored by One Hour Air Conditioning & Air Heating®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

In our house everyone has their own “special” space! My husband has his oversized man-cave equipped with a bar and my kids pretty much take over the rest of the house! There’s really not a designated “mom-section” except for my bedroom. I love my bedroom because it’s extremely spacious and has a living area space just for me! It was the main reason we bought this house! I
had visions of me decorating this space and making it super cozy and inviting…but I never got around to doing that.
I’ll be completely honest with you…the reason why I never decorated this space is because I didn’t spend that much time in my room. Our room is on the top level of our house so it gets VERY hot during the summer! We have a separate HVAC unit for our bedroom and I assumed that everything was working fine, but thankfully my husband and I thought to call One Hour Air
Conditioning & Heating® to check everything out!
I love using One Hour for all our heating and air concerns! They are a part of the Direct Energy family of brands and have independently owned and operated locations around the country. We were able to get an appointment very quickly and get to the bottom of this bedroom mystery. When the technician arrived, he was very professional, courteous, and clean. He even put on shoe covers before entering our house! He went straight to work and was able to provide his recommendations within minutes.

Turns out, our bedroom HVAC unit had a leak and was not able to hold the refrigerant, resulting in a warm bedroom! We were super shocked because we literally just had this issue inspected. Our technician was extremely knowledgeable about HVAC issues which made us trust his recommendations. On top of having skilled technicians, the local One Hour provides service that is backed by a national brand and an On Time guarantee and endorsed by UWIN®, a consumer service resource that allows home services contractors to provide an extra level of protection and peace of mind to the residential consumers for which they provide services.



The technician was able to provide some relief and within minutes, I started to feel something different…I felt cool air in my bedroom!!! We still have another service scheduled to permanently fix this issue, but I was inspired! I immediately wanted to transform my nook, so I got started. As you can see, I started on this space but never finished. I only had a picture, a lamp, and a bare couch in this area. The couch was being used to hold my clothes which is the most interaction this space has received!
I cleared the couch and added some fun pillows! I’m a sucker for furry pillows and pillows with cute phrases, so these were perfect!
I added a mirror to the side wall and a galvanized bucket ottoman that also doubles as storage space! For the finishing touch, I added a rustic beverage tray and fresh flowers. This makeover literally took me 5 minutes!
Thanks to One Hour, I am able to enjoy my bedroom! I actually have a space for me which is a great feeling! To find the location near you, visit their website or call 855-One-Hour.
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating.

My 5 Minute Cozy Bedroom Nook Makeover-Direct Energy, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

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