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Super Easy DIY Sundae Bar

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Thank you Tillamook for sponsoring this post. Visit your local Publix to purchase everything you need to create the perfect summer party featuring Tillamook ice cream.

I don’t know about you, but ice cream is just one of those foods that screams, “SUMMER!!” When I was younger, my Mother would take me to a local ice cream shop, every Friday during my summer vacation! That’s something that I looked forward to every year!

Now that I’m older, with two kiddos of my own, I’m keeping the tradition alive with this Super Easy DIY Sundae Bar! I thought that this would be the perfect way to say, “Hello Summer!” And a great tradition to start with my kids!


  • Small wooden crate       
  • 2 flavors of Tillamook Ice Cream
  •  Toppings of your choice
  • Ice cream bowls
  • Ice cream scoops

When putting together a sundae bar, the most important component is the ice cream! You have to choose ice cream that’s creamy, delicious, and easy to scoop…which is why I love Tillamook! Tillamook is my favorite brand of ice cream because it’s made with the highest quality ingredients! They use extra cream for rich, smooth creaminess and no high fructose corn syrup! Every time I’m shopping in Publix, I always stock up on a few cartons!

We usually go with the Old-Fashioned Vanilla flavor, but I also wanted to switch things up a little bit with this yummy Marionberry flavor! When I tasted this ice cream, I was completely blown away! It literally tasted like a decadent fruit pie! It even had pieces of buttery pie crust in it! Sooo good!

The second most important component in a sundae bar is the toppings! Before I had kids, I was a pretty simple type of gal…I would top my sundaes with a little chocolate syrup and a cherry. Nowadays, my toppings include fun things such as sprinkles, gummy bears, whipped cream, cherries, and of course, chocolate syrup!

To keep this sundae bar super simple and functional, I used a small wooden crate to hold my toppings.

I just turned it upside down to allow the bottom to serve as a shelf. This gave my sundae bar a nice, rustic look!

I filled a few small bowls with the toppings to make them easy to access. I used small, wooden bowls for the sundaes and allowed my family to help themselves! They had a field day with this sundae bar!!

The gummy bears were a big hit! I even put a few gummy bears on my sundae lol! It actually complimented the ice cream really well! It made me very happy to see my kids enjoying their summer break with ice cream, just like I did when I was a little girl! Since my family loved this Super Easy DIY Sundae Bar so much, I’m going to have to recreate this again, very soon!

To create your own DIY Sundae Bar, visit your local Publix during June 15-July 13 to purchase your favorite flavors of Tillamook ice cream and everything else you need for your summer entertaining needs!

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