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The Truth About Food & Self-Care

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This post is sponsored by FAGE; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

In the health and wellness industry, there’s been a lot of talk about self-care these days. Mainly because self-care is super important to our overall well-being.

So, What is “Self-Care”???

The definition of self-care is simply what it sounds like…nurturing yourself and taking the time to take care of YOU!

A lot of women often put self-care LAST on their list because they are busy caring for everyone else around them, or investing all of their energy into their career, or doing a combination of all the above! Even eating becomes a burden and is often skipped or replaced with unhealthy grab & go options. I can admit that I have been guilty of this too! Being a mom to 2 toddlers, my days are filled with fixing ‘boo-boos’ and cleaning up spills that sometimes I forget to take the time to eat a nourishing meal!

Mealtime is one of THE most important components of self-care. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I often tell my clients that food is very powerful! It can affect our performance, energy levels, and even our mood! Our bodies need proper the nourishment and sustenance to perform at its greatest ability, which is why food and self-care go hand in hand!

One of the best ways to improve mealtimes is with nutritious food options such as, FAGE Total Plain Greek Yogurt. FAGE Total 2% Plain Greek Yogurt has been a part of my breakfast and snack routine for a while now, and I absolutely love it!

I love to create rich and creamy yogurt bowls topped with fresh fruit or eat one of the single servings as a protein-rich snack! One of the reasons why FAGE is my top choice is because it’s Non-GMO Project Verified. This means that all FAGE yogurts are made with milk from cows that have been fed non-GMO feed and have not been given any growth hormones. Awesome, right?!

When making my yogurt breakfast bowls, I like to take my time to make my bowl super cute! I consider it as a treat to myself! I carefully scoop my yogurt into my bowl and arrange my fruit toppings just right! It’s my moment of self-care and a nutritious breakfast, all in one!

FAGE Total Plain Greek Yogurt is also a great way to take care of your body after a workout! I like to grab one of the 2% single servings of FAGE Total Plain Greek Yogurt as a post-workout snack. With 20g of protein, this snack gives me the nutrients that I need to refuel and recharge!

Taking the time to properly nourish your body is the best self-care treat that you could give yourself! I love to recommend foods like FAGE because not only is it a nutritious option, it’s also a feel-good food! Click HERE to locate your favorite FAGE products!

yogurt breakfast bowl made with 2% fage greek yogurt, topped with strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi

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