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Meet Andrea

Beautiful Eats & Things is about approaching nutrition through a realistic approach, and keeping things delicious!

I’m Andy, the creator of Beautiful Eats & Things. As long as I can remember, I have always loved food. I love the way it looks, it smells, and most of all, how it tastes!

In the past, food and I have often had a love/hate relationship. Before becoming a Registered Dietitian, I didn’t understand concepts such as, “Moderation is Key.” I would eat whatever looked and tasted good. As a result, I gradually gained unwanted pounds and generally felt unhealthy.

I tried every diet imaginable! I tried the Cabbage Soup diet, the Egg Diet (yes, there is a such thing as an egg diet!), and many more.

Each one of those diets would give me the same results; quick weight loss, followed by quick weight gain. I had zero knowledge about how to lose weight the right way and I also had no idea how to maintain a healthy weight.

That sparked my interest towards becoming a Registered Dietitian.

I wanted to approach nutrition through a realistic approach and teach others that achieving optimal health and enjoying food is possible. Even though I was equipped with this nutritional knowledge, I often struggled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle (yes, some dietitians struggle with making healthy food choices too! *Gasp!)

Tired of this vicious cycle, I decided to make some major lifestyle change. I wanted to become a better me for my family and for myself.

Along my journey to become a better me, I began developing some very tasty recipes that were too good NOT to share! There are a few indulgent recipes in the mix, but that’s okay as long as we eat them in moderation. I hope to inspire someone along the way and show that not all Registered Dietitians are obsessive calorie-counting, kale-obsessed (well I actually really like kale…) individuals. Some of us are fun, curvaceous, and a little quirky…like me!

My Credentials

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences, Concentration: Dietetics and my Master’s Degree in Health Studies/Health Promotion. I have been a Licensed/Registered Dietitian since 2009, and I have worked in a few different settings: Clinical, Public Health, and Long Term Care.

My hobbies include making beautiful food (and eating it, of course!), playing in makeup, crafting, and spending time with my family. I have worked as a professional makeup artist for brands such as MAC Cosmetics and Prescriptives. When I am not running after my 2 little ones or looking for one of my husband’s many misplaced items, I occasionally work as a freelance makeup artist and work on small DIY projects around the house!

Thanks again, for stopping by!