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Mommy and Doggy Day Out

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Dogs are a truly man’s, I mean woman’s, best friend! I’ve had my sweet little Maltipoo Khloe, for about 10 years now! She’s been there for me during all of my highs and lows, and is the best cuddler I know! Even though Khloe is the best dog in the world, she kind of took a back seat when I had my little boys which is why I thought it was time for a much needed Mommy and Doggy Day Out!
Let me give you a little background story! Before I had my kids, Khloe went everywhere with me! She had several different carrying bags that matched my outfits and had a doggy wardrobe to DIE for! I got her bows custom made and even bought her a few designer accessories! I guess you can say that she was just a tad bit spoiled…

When I became pregnant with my first son, I told myself that Khloe would still remain an important part of our family. After I had my son, things drastically changed! Khloe was still an important part of our family, but once I looked into my son’s eyes…my heart melted! I was completely in new mommy mode and our special outings became few and far in between. When I had my second son, those feelings doubled and our doggy day trips became a distant memory. I felt extremely bad for not giving her the attention that she was accustomed to and knew that I needed to spend some time with her.

During one of my recent trips to Walmart, I was scoping out the doggy section and came across a super cute collar and Nature’s Recipe® Grain Free Small Breed dog food. In case you’re wondering…I always check out the doggy section at Walmart! I like to see if there are any new snacks, accessories, or new dog food brands that I think Khloe would enjoy! In this case, I spotted the Nature’s Recipe Grain Free line!
I’ve always trusted Nature’s Recipe dog food for Khloe because it is a premium dog food that is actually made with real chicken. They even list it as the #1 ingredient! There were several flavors to choose from but I thought she would enjoy the Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Pumpkin Recipe! This also gave me a really great idea….
Why not plan a Mommy and Doggy Day Out?! It would be a day all about Khloe! We would shop for new toys, new bows, and try the new Nature’s Recipe dog food in her new designated doggy space that I plan to make just for her! I couldn’t wait for the fun to begin!
Our Mommy and Doggy Day Out started with a nutritious, hearty breakfast! I had my smoothie and Khloe had a bowl of her Nature’s Recipe dog food. Nature’s Recipe dog food is filled with vitamins and minerals which is exactly what Khloe needed to fuel her for our busy day! Let me tell y’all something…Little Miss Khloe LOVED her new Nature’s Recipe dog food! That’s saying a lot for her because she’s very picky about her food! She cleaned the bowl and we got ready for a fun day! We played dress up and she tried on her new bows! I think her favorite was the hot pink bow!
After dress up, we played with her new toys in her cute little nook that I made just for her! I created this little space in the corner of our breakfast nook. It didn’t take very much to do this. I just took a plush pillow and a crate to make a bed, and added a few decorative items! Before I knew it, it was time for lunch! I poured Khloe another bowl of the Nature’s Recipe dog food and let her eat it in her new cozy nook!
I couldn’t tell if she was happy about her new doggy nook or if she was happy to be eating another bowl of Nature’s Recipe dog food! Lol! Either way, it warmed my heart to see my Khloe so happy! I’m so glad that we decided to have this Mommy and Doggy Day Out! To learn more about Nature’s Recipe Grain Free products at Walmart, click HERE!



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